Plow Creek Mennonite Church and Fellowship is an intentional Christian community in rural Tiskilwa, Illinois

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Intentional Communities are often called communes.  We do not call ourselves a commune as that has a connotation of illegal or immoral activities to some people.  We do live a form of communal living, so some might call us a Christian commune or even a Christian kibbutz.  Explore this site and read more about us.
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     Plow Creek
      Our Mission Statement:
"A Global Village
 Practicing the Peace of Jesus"

Plow Creek Mennonite Church and Fellowship is an intentional Christian community in rural Tiskilwa, Illinois.

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Word of Welcome
"Plow Creek has two streams -- Plow Creek Church and Plow Creek Fellowship. We trust that at the point they flow together amazing things will happen so that people will say, "Wow, that's a great spot. I received all kinds of gifts from the Lord there." Continue: A Word of Welcome
Come Worship with Us News

Plow Creek Mennonite Church would like to invite you to worship with us at our new time! We usually will be meeting at 10:30 at the Common Building.
Plow Creek Common Building where
                                  we meet and eat

Plow Creek Fellowship: Vision, Rule of Life and Structures

● Jesus is the center of our faith
●  Community is the center of our lives
●  Reconciliation is the center of our work ....
We believe that God is calling Plow Creek Fellowship, leaders of a Christian community, to the message of reconciliation in four primary areas:
●  Reconciliation of people to God
●  Reconciliation of people to Others
●  Reconciliation of man/woman to Self
●  Reconciliation of people to Creation  more...

Jim and CPT
Jim Fitz Practices The Peace of Jesus With CPT in Colombia
Jim Fitz regularly spends several month periods with Christian Peacemaker Teams(CPT) in war-torn Colombia.
Jim shares news and reflections at  Jim's Peacemaking.

Mark and Louise
Louise Stahnke shares
original story with children during church

Louise's story about Jesus inviting children to His party teaches us what is important in God's eyes.   Read her story here.
Love Letters
three kings day
Three Kings Day celebration on January 5th
A time of worship and gift giving remembering the Christ child who came for all people and the wise men who brought him to the Gentiles. See more.

Love one another

Letters to my Plow Creek Fellowship communal friends

This morning I was reading about Jesus three times asking, "Peter do you love me?"  When Peter declares his love Jesus says, "Feed my lambs...tend my sheep...feed my lambs."  I would like to nurture your love for Jesus and one another with brief weekly (unless not) letters.....

We have taken many steps as a communal group but it seems we are often invited to take new steps.... None of us knows exactly where the Lord will lead us through the next steps.

I hope that every so often we can fall on our butts and laugh with glee because God is going to teach us new steps and send us toddling off in a new direction.

Blessings, dear friends, Rich

Elder Rich Foss's letters to Plow Creek
April 4, 2009
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The organization's core beliefs and values are guided by the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and the various lessons God has taught each of us:

Evergreen Leaders is a ministry started by Rich Foss, elder of Plow Creek.  To learn more, visit the Evergreen Leaders website at

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