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Example of a Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Example Two
Easter Basket Cake
Simple Wedding Cake
Another for a Wedding
Shaped like an Easter Basket!

Picnic Basket Cake
Burger & Pop cake
Not a basket...a basket-shaped cake!
Burger & Pop...hold the extra icing

Valentines Cake
Inspirational Bible Cake
Black Forest Cake for Valentine's Day
Inspirational, Occasional, and Tasty

"Ice Cream" cake - no ice cream

Ice-cream Cakes with NO Ice-cream!

Birthdays, weddings, or even group gatherings… Not just white, yellow or chocolate—ask for any flavor

you can imagine—carrot with cream cheese frosting, lemon poppy-seed, or how about raspberry/chocolate

marble cake—give us your ideas! Also special 3D cakes available for those special parties: a sitting doll,

clown, or bear, a 14” pizza cake or giant hamburger, or how about a cake specially designed to look like the

silly hat your brother always wears? Cupcakes also available.

We Can Accommodate Almost Any Design You Can Imagine!

For beautiful, creative cakes, call Boo Graham at 815-646-4950, or email her at grahamsb(at)plowcreek.org, and lend us your vision!

~Prices start from $15