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Fresh bread!

We at Plow Creek Bakery use only the finest ingredients, and put true care into each item we create.  Not only do we offer old bakery favorites, but plenty of different breads and recipes from throughout history and around the world, some of which would be difficult to find anywhere else. Treat yourself right by eating from Plow Creek Bakery!


White Egg

Cinnamon Raisin

WHOLE WHEAT BREADS Fresh Whole Wheat Bread!

Honey whole wheat   100% whole wheat with honey

Multigrain With sesame, poppy and sunflower seeds, millet, and flax

Oatmeal A wholesome, spongy non-dairy bread

Herby Wheat   Basil, oregano, onion, and dill in a select blend of flours and cracked wheat

Black Olive Hearth   Black olives baked into a round, dark loaf

St. Johnís Bread   A dark, spongy carob raisin bread, with a hint of mild sweetness

Molasses Date Dark and sweet, with chopped dates. A great breakfast bread!


Butterhorn White and rich

White,whole wheat, or multigrain

SWEET ROLLS --  available in white or whole wheat

Orange Sweet tangy orange flavor, or for a change try orange poppy-seed

Apple Nut Walnuts and apples in a cinnamony roll

Cinnamon Warm, spicy traditional breakfast rolls


Angel Food -- Large or loaf    White or cocoa, made from scratch, sweet and moist

Decorated and Specialty Cakes (see our gallery )


Snickerdoodles A sugar cookie topped w. cinnamon

Chocolate Chip Homemade and moist, always yummyYummy Cookies

Lemon Chippers  A lemony treat

Chocolate Mint  Chocolate batter with mint chips in each cookie

Orange Pecan  Good orange flavor with ground pecans mixed in.

Monster   Extra large with M&Mís and peanut butter

Oatmeal With or without butterscotch chips or raisins

Peanut Butter  Traditional criss-cross style

Sugar A time-honored favorite

Holiday Decorated for any holiday or time of year

Brownies Rich and chocolaty doesn't begin to describe these...

If you would like something you donít see here, give us a call! We can do up almost anything, including pastries, as well as special diet breads!

Fresh bread!

note re: trans fat free baking    "Our loaf breads have always been trans fat free.  I am happy to bake cookies, sweet rolls, and butterhorns using trans fat free shortening, but need to do this by order only at this point, until the price of substitutes has become more affordable."