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Plow Creek Farm, founded by Plow Creek Fellowship, is formed by people connected to Plow Creek who work together and are committed to growing good, healthy food for the community and our customers. We aim to care for the land God has entrusted us with, while doing good work which builds up the people involved, builds community among us, and provides financial sustainability.

Our goal at Plow Creek Farm is to please God by living a shalom lifestyle (promoting overall well-being) and farming in a way characterize by goodness, sufficiency and harmony for all; by
  • Producing nutritious and healthful produce, marketed directly to the public
  • Being good stewards of the soil through sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry, reducing detrimental use of chemicals and machinery
  • Being economically sustainable, enabling mission
  • Reaching out to other peoples, at home and abroad in the name of Christ, receiving people from other cultures at the farm and demonstrating beneficial farming methods applicable in economically developing areas
  • Cultivating and maintaining good relationship amongst our team through sharing, daily prayer, and attention to adequate time off work for families for God and recreation.

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Plow Creek Farm is a business of Plow Creek Fellowship, affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA.

We are committed to stewardship of our planet, the health of our workers and customers.  We try to use farming techniques that increase the health of the soil, and do not spray any poisons on our crops.

We care about you. We try to only offer top-quality produce.  But the quality of natural products is never 100% predictable.   If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our products, contact us for a cheerful exchange or refund.