Our Church
Plow Creek Fellowship and Church are two related organizations.  Plow Creek Fellowship is an intentional Christian Community having a common purse.  All Fellowship members are members of Plow Creek Mennonite Church, which also has a number of non-communal members.  Plow Creek Mennonite Church is part of the national body, The Mennonite Church.

The purposes of Plow Creek Mennonite Church, according to our bylaws include:
  •  To call men and women in faith to Jesus as Lord and Savior, and to a way of life outlined in his teachings. 
  • to buildup, among these followers of Jesus, a life of love  --   involving frank, gentle and open conversation, mutual care and responsibility in all things, and a willingness to listen, speak, disciple and forgive in the church according to the plan and parables given by Jesus.
  • To withstand economic injustice and greed through renunciation of selfish accumulation and a readiness to share material things with fellow Christians and people in need everywhere.
  • To forsake war and violence as a way of settling disputes and foster the deeds of charity, reconciliation and peace.
  • To overcome and resist prejudice and seek to unite in mutual respect and love with people of all national, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • To seek the welfare and unity of  the larger Christian church.

For more information on our church or to arrange a visit, write, call or e-mail:
Louise Stahnke    815-646-4851   mailto:stahnke1@gmail.com
19138 Plow Creek
Tiskilwa, IL 61368