News & Views:  Cantaloupe (Out of Season) 

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Cantaloupe (also called muskmelon) is now in season and will be appearing in our Saturday markets in Princeton and Peoria. Other fruit we will also have are blueberries, red raspberries, and blackberries. We have plenty of tomatoes, plus eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, green beans, chard, beets, jam and honey. Plow Creek Bakery will have a fine selection of goodies. Peoria market opens at 8:00 and Princeton at 8:30.

Tuesday we will bring lots of red raspberries, tomatoes, and muskmelon (cantaloupe) to market in Princeton and LaSalle. We also will have a few watermelon, some green beans, potatoes, ripe and green sweet peppers, hot peppers, garlic, a few blackberries, cilantro, garlic, summer squash, and our own honey and jam. Markets open at 3 p.m.

We are now getting plenty of muskmelon (aka cantaloupe) and tomatoes. We should have them for sale daily at the Market Barn, along with potatoes, jam, honey, and red raspberries. Market Barn is self-serve; please bring change or a check.

For Saturday we will have lots of tomatoes, watermelon, and red raspberries at the Princeton Market. There will be quantity discounts for the tomatoes and raspberries. We also will have some garlic, Concord grapes, potatoes, our honey and jams, muskmelon, and some Plow Creek Bakery breads. Market opens at 8:30 at Main and Elm.

We will be at the Princeton Farmers’ Market this afternoon from 3 to 6. I plan to bring Concord grapes, tomatoes, muskmelons (aka cantaloupe), watermelons, blackberries, red raspberries, potatoes, garlic, honey and jam. Plow Creek Bakery is on vacation until next week.

Today, Saturday, we will be only at Princeton Farmers’ Market. We will be bringing watermelon, muskmelon, blackberries, a few red raspberries, potatoes, garlic, and our jams and honey. We will have lots of tomatoes, including discount sales by the half bushel. We’ll bring some squash and cucumbers — excess from our personal garden. And as usual on Saturdays, plenty of Plow Creek Bakery goodies will be available.

This Saturday we will be going to Princeton and Peoria Farmers’ markets. We will have lots of tomatoes and muskmelons. We also will be bringing watermelons, blackberries, garlic, potatoes, strawberry and blueberry jam from our berries, honey from our farm, and lots of Plow Creek Bakery goodies. Peoria market opens at 8:00 and Princeton market opens at 8:30.

Saturday we will be going to the Farmers’ Markets in Princeton and Peoria. We will have plenty of tomatoes and cantaloupes, and also blackberries, potatoes, garlic, our own honey and jam from our berries. We also should have good quantities of Plow Creek Bakery goodies. Princeton Market opens at 8:30 and Peoria at 8:00.

This Saturday we will again have lots of cantaloupe and blueberries to market in Princeton and Peoria. We’ll also bring blackberries, potatoes, fresh garlic, sweet corn jam and honey, and plenty of Plow Creek Bakery goodies. We’ll get a few red raspberries to Princeton. Peoria Riverfront Market opens at 8:00 and Princeton opens at 8:30.

Today, for Princeton Farmers’ Market, we plan to bring lots of muskmelon and blueberries. We also have a good supply of blackberries and garlic. We’ll also bring strawberry jam, our wildflower honey, some sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and raspberries. Some Plow Creek Bakery goods will be for sale, too. Market opens at 3:00 on Main Street at Elm.

At Saturday’s markets in Princeton and Peoria we will have good quantities of blueberries, muskmelon (aka cantaloupe), and blackberries. We plan to bring our first sweet corn of the season. We will also have our honey, jam, and bakery goods.

We have a good quantity of blackberries and blueberries. We also will bring a few red and black raspberries. We have our first few muskmelon. We will bring honey, strawberry jam, and our Plow Creek Bakery goods. Market runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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