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Saturday is the first farmers’ market of the season in Princeton. We expect the first few strawberries; quantities will be very limited. We will also have rhubarb, green garlic, peppermint, garlic chives, nettles (the most nutritious thing we grow), and lambsquarter (wild spinach). We will also have a good selection of Plow Creek Bakery goods. Market is at 445 S. Main Street, just south of the Prouty Building and north of Apollo Theater. Market opens at 8:30. Market officially ends at 1:00 but we may well be sold out and leave by noon; come early.

Saturday is our second to last market for the year in Princeton. We still have lots of tomatoes (green and ripe), peppers (sweet - green and ripe & hot varieties), potatoes, chestnuts, and winter squash (sweet dumpling and butternut.) The lettuce and green onions love the cooler weather and are plentiful. We also have some spinach, cilantro, kale, chard, sweet potatoes, and turnips. We’ll bring our honey and raspberry jam, but the raspberries are done for the season. Plow Creek Bakery will also have their fine baked goods available. Market opens at 8:30; we usually leave about 1:00.

It may start out chilly for Princeton Farmers’ Market on Saturday, but we’ll be there with plenty of fine produce. We took in most of the basil. Time to make pesto. We have a good supply of green tomatoes. They are good fried, in green salsa (salsa verde), mince meat pie, green tomato pie, and relish. There are lots of green peppers. They freeze well. Just remove the seeds and cut them to how you would use them and freeze. We enjoy pepper steak all winter. We also have sweet ripe peppers and hot peppers: jalapenos and habaneros. Other abundant items include chestnuts, winter squash (sweet dumpling and butternut - which makes the best pumpkin pie), lettuce, and potatoes. We’ll also bring sweet potatoes, ripe tomatoes, cilantro, chard, turnips, radishes, green onions, kale, garlic, and the last of the red raspberries. We have honey from our farm and jam from our raspberries. Plow Creek Bakery will also have a good selection. Market runs from 8:30 until 1:00 and will continue every Saturday in October.

We will be at farmers’ markets in Peoria and Princeton on Saturday. We will plenty of red raspberries, and some blueberries and blackberries. We will bring eggplant, green peppers, tomatoes, rhubarb, zucchini & yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans, kale, wild spinach, purslane, potatoes, turnips, beets, fresh garlic, peppermint, garlic chives. We just made jam with some of our red raspberries, so we have a few jars available. We’ll also bring fresh honey from the hives on our farm in Tiskilwa. In addition, expect plenty of goodies from Plow Creek Bakery. Peoria market opens at 8:00 and Princeton at 8:30.

Saturday we will be at Princeton Farmers’ Market with strawberries, rhubarb, a few zucchini, green garlic, herbs and greens. Market opens at 8:30. There also will be a good selection of Plow Creek Bakery goods. 11:30 AM update: We just received a reinforcement of strawberries and should have enough to last until 1:00 or 2:00 p.m.

Saturday, at Princeton Farmers’ Market, we will bring our first few strawberries. We also plan to bring plenty of rhubarb, plus green garlic, a few zucchini, spinach, lettuce, stinging nettles, wild spinach (lambsquarter), mustard greens, garlic chives, cilantro, and peppermint. Plow Creek Bakery will have a wide selection of baked goodies.

The first Farmers’ Market is this Saturday in Princeton, from 8:30 to about 1 p.m. We plan to bring rhubarb, green garlic, stinging nettles, lambsquarter (wild spinach), peppermint, garlic chives, black walnuts, jam, and honey. There should also be a good supply of Plow Creek Bakery goods.

This afternoon, during a late snowstorm, we harvested our first crop (not counting maple sap) of the year. It is our earliest, and most nutritious vegetable, stinging nettle. I expect to be bringing some to market in late May.

We will be at Princeton Farmers’ Market (Main and Elm) Saturday with more strawberries, but still not enough to offer a quantity discount. Coming early in the market is recommended. We also plan to bring rhubarb, mustard greens, stinging nettle, peppermint, garlic chives, black walnuts, and a good variety of Plow Creek Bakery goodies. A beautiful day is forecast.

Our first Tuesday Farmers’ Market in Princeton for 2013 will be tomorrow. The hours have changed for this year; we will be open from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. We plan to bring rhubarb, greens, honey, black walnuts, peppermint, garlic chives, and some Plow Creek Bakery goods. We will try to bring a few pints of strawberries, but are not sure how many will be ready. If we have some, it will just be a few. We expect a better quantity on Saturday.

Saturday is our first 2013 Market in our new location, 935 N Main Street in Princeton, across Main from Radio Shack and across Elm from Sophisticuts. We will be bringing rhubarb, stinging nettles, garlic chives, peppermint, black walnuts, our own honey, and a good variety of Plow Creek Bakery goods. Sorry, but the strawberries aren’t ripe yet. Come help us get our new location off to a good start. Market opens at 8:30

This Saturday at Princeton Farmers’ Market, we expect to have rhubarb, spinach, wheat, salad mix, Jerusalem artichokes, mint, and our Plow Creek Bakery goods. Sorry, no strawberries yet. We’ve seen a few red ones, but I don’t think we could find a pint yet. Maybe limited quantities next Saturday…. We will have tomato and strawberry plants for sale for your garden.

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