News & Views:  Concord Grapes (Out of Season) 

Concord grapes have the old fashioned grape flavor, are high in antioxidant, and have seeds.

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We have a good crop of Concord grapes this year. You may come pick them by appointment (email or leave a message at 815-646-4862). They are $22 / bushel which is about 40 pounds. If you want us to pick you a bushel or more, they are $44 / bushel. Market price is $1.60 / pound.

It looks like we will be able to pick our first Concord grapes today or tomorrow. They have not reached their full sweetness and ripeness yet, but have a great grapey flavor. I hope to bring some to Princeton Market Saturday and to have them at market regularly. We do not expect to open for picking for some weeks yet; I’ll announce here when we open.

Our market produce in Princeton and Peoria this warm Saturday morning will include a mixture of seasonal standards and summer holdouts: red raspberries, watermelon, green and red bell peppers, green beans, lettuce, salad mix, herbs, concord grapes, butternut squash, pie pumpkins, and even some tomatoes for the earlybirds. Find us at the Princeton Farmers’ Market from 8AM-2PM and at the festive grand finale of the Peoria Riverfront Market from 8AM-Noon.

We have a nice crop of concord grapes this year, and they are now at prime sweetness. After a number of inquiries, we are ready to sell them by order or U-Pick. The cost is $14/bushel U-Pick or $28/bushel We-Pick. To request an order or schedule a U-Pick session, call (815) 646-4862 or complete the online order form.

…actual wooden ones. Five of these went into 3-foot deep holes in our vineyard today, replacing broken counterparts. We’re talking sawn-off telephone poles. You’d be surprised how heavy a fruitful grapevine is.

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