Last 2010 Farmers' Market

Saturday will be the last 2010 Farmers’ Market in Princeton. We still have a good variety of produce. We have lots of acorn and butternut squash (you can also order them.) We have lettuce, radishes (red and daikon), kale, hot and sweet peppers, snow peas, turnips, cucumbers, dill, cilantro, bok choy, ground cherries, and chestnuts. We still have a few tomatoes, but most are green or only partly ripe — no big red perfect ones any more. We will bring garlic - this is the right time to plant if you want to grow your own. I will bring some wheat, which you can use as a cooked grain or grind for fresh whole wheat flour. We have a few sets of Tutuk’s note cards, painted with the juice of our berries. And we plan to have a good selection of Plow Creek Bakery products. A beautiful day is forecast. See you there! — Jim

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