Transition year

2012 will be a transition year for Plow Creek Farm as we work on a new vision for the farm and seek new management to carry out that vision. Despite cutting back on the variety of what we produce this year, we expect to still have strawberries in May and June; blueberries, black raspberries and red raspberries in June and July; along with fall red raspberries from August to frost. There will also be rhubarb, garlic, black walnuts, and chestnuts. Maybe some Concord Grapes. We plan to have u-pick and attend Princeton Farmers’ Market when we have produce to sell. We probably will not have other products this year, although we will continue to bring Plow Creek Bakery goods to market. Please be patient with us; we look forward to serving you in more ways in the future.

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  1. Steve Graham  on  July 19, 2013  @ 8:26 am

    Oh well. Perhaps you will see the comments that i gave after the first was published so quickly. Maybe it’s because i put in a link to your Transition Year page. What i meant was your transition year and CSA pages need to be updated for 2013. Sorry if i caused any hard feelings.

  2. Steve Graham  on  July 19, 2013  @ 8:19 am

    Will you update the page to reflect the 2013 farm year?

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