Strawberries are flowering

Strawberry flower April  21, 2017Strawberry flowering April 21, 2017 I saw the first strawberry flowers in the field today. We get a ripe strawberry in about 4 weeks, but it will be a bit longer before there are many. I’d expect u-pick to open the first week of June, or maybe a little earlier.

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  1. Jim  on  May 29, 2017  @ 9:48 pm

    Sorry, but no strawberry festival. Tiskilwa will still have the artisans fair and town-wide garage sale on June 3. If we have enough by then, we might bring some strawberries for sale.

  2. Mary  on  April 24, 2017  @ 7:15 pm

    there have been rumors floating around that there will not be a ‘Strawberry Fest’ this year……can you confirm or deny that by chance?

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