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  1. Bethany  on  July 9, 2006  @ 2:42 pm

    Adobo Chicken

    4 - 5 lb. chicken thighs/quarters, skin removed
    2 - 3 celery ribs
    1/2 onion
    1 Tbsp. sesame seeds/sesame oil
    2 - 3 bay leaves
    1 tsp. or quarter sized cut of ginger (or more)
    1/2 - 3/4 cup shoyu (soy sauce)
    1 - 3 garlic cloves
    1 tsp. brown sugar
    1 tsp. any vinegar
    various greens
    hot cooked rice

    Saute the onion, celery & chicken in sesame oil. Add water to cover and the next 6 ingredients. Cover and bake at 350 degrees F until chicken falls off the bones. Correct seasoning if needed and remove bones if desired. Add any various greens to pot and cook till desired doneness. Serve over hot rice.

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