Tomatoes Roll into Spring Valley

Know your tomatoes Thursday at Valley Flowers!  The tomatoes will put on a show from 8:30AM - 1PM.  Stop by to view our seven different home-grown varieties: Sunshine and Daybreak red slicers, Orange Blossom yellow slicers, Plum Crimson romas, Washington and Be My Baby cherries, and Brandywine, a large heirloom variety.

We also plan to bring a good supply of sweet corn (Lancelot, one of our favorite varieties), along with cantaloupe, sweet onions, garlic, new potatoes, green and yellow beans, and an increasingly colorful selection of peppers: green, red, yellow, jalapeno, banana and “chocolate.”  Berries are in short supply, but early arrivals may find some blueberries and blackberries.

Bread and cookies from Plow Creek Bakery will also join the party.

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