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Here we provide frequent updates on what’s for sale at our Market Barn in Tiskilwa. The Market Barn is open Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM and we cannot report immediately if something sells out. We’ll try to let you know about changes we can anticipate.

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We still have some beautiful produce at our Market Barn. There are vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet and hot pepper varieties, green onions, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, cilantro, turnips, and radishes. We have limited quantities on display, but please send a message if you are interested in larger amounts for a bulk price. The Market Barn is self serve, so please plan on paying with exact change or a check.

Saturday Farmers’ markets are over, but we still have plenty of tasty produce available at our Market Barn on Bottom Road, 1/2 mile east of Tiskilwa. There are vine ripened tomatoes, red raspberries, radishes, turnips, bok choy, peppers, sweet potatoes, chestnuts and more! It’s self-serve so please come prepared to have exact change, or pay by check.

Tuesday we will be at market in LaSalle and Princeton. We will have plenty of red raspberries, blackberries, and tomatoes. We’ll also bring watermelon, muskmelon, peppers, garlic, raspberry jam, honey, and more. Both markets are open from 3:00 to 6:00, rain or shine. Our Market Barn will also be open with much of the same produce.

We’ve closed the Market Barn for the season due to the hard freeze coming. You may still order potatoes, winter squash (acorn or butternut), garlic, chestnuts, and for a short while, green peppers. Email:

We are now getting plenty of muskmelon (aka cantaloupe) and tomatoes. We should have them for sale daily at the Market Barn, along with potatoes, jam, honey, and red raspberries. Market Barn is self-serve; please bring change or a check.

We plan to have our Market Barn open daily (except Sunday) during strawberry season with strawberries for sale. We might not have large quantities; if you want more than a few quarts, it might be better to order them.

The hours we plan to have the Market Barn open these next few weeks will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. We have tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon, jam, and honey available, and sometimes red raspberries. Tomato and red raspberry self-serve u-pick will be available the same hours.

These days the Market Barn is open daily (except Sunday) from about 7 to 7. We are generally offering jam from our blueberries and strawberries, local unpasteurized honey from our farm, tomatoes, muskmelon and garlic.

A good quantity of tomatoes are now coming in. We plan to make them available at the Market Barn daily, open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. We also have garlic available as well as our honey and jam, and sometimes muskmelon and sweet corn.

We will have a moderate supply of blueberries for sale at the farm on Thursday. Inquire at the Strawberry U-Pick tent.

Also available: 40 to 60 pounds of refrigerated berries (1 to 3 days old) at $2.60 / pound. Ten pound minimum.

If you promise to pick 50 pounds of strawberries, we will reserve the blueberries for you ; ). Most of our new Jewel section (18 rows) is unpicked since Tuesday, and ready for another picking. Several hundred pounds of nice medium-size berries are still available, but recent U-Pick turnout has been light. Here’s the upcoming Strawberry U-Pick schedule:

  • Thursday 6/27: 7AM to Noon, 3PM to 6PM ? (will close for lightning or strong winds)
  • Friday: closed
  • Saturday: 7AM to 1PM
  • Sunday: closed

I brought 10 quarts of strawberries home from market this afternoon. They are available to buy at our Market Barn until this evening or until sold out, at $5.25 a quart.

Our own Plow Creek wildflower honey is now available. We plan to have it available at our Market Barn, occasional farmers’ markets, and by order. Tastes great!

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