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Peas, Shell
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This Saturday we will bring our first blueberries of the season to Princeton Farmers’ Market. We also still will have strawberries. Blueberry and strawberry supply may be limited, so you would have a better chance of getting what you’d like if you come near opening time at 8:30. We also plan to bring lettuce, radishes, cilantro, dill, rhubarb, wheat, garlic scapes and green garlic, sunchokes, sugar snap peas, arugula, and turnips. We have basil, tomato, and strawberry plants. And of course, lots of Plow Creek Bakery goodies.

Today, in Princeton, I will bring the first cantaloupe of the season to market. I will also have blueberries, raspberries, fresh garlic, new potatoes, kohlrabi, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, snow peas, dill, Plow Creek Bakery goods, and the first few little tomatoes of the season

This Saturday we will have lots of blueberries, what might be the last strawberries of the season, a few black raspberries, new potatoes, sugar snap and snow peas, herbs, kohlrabi, maybe a little rhubarb, and a good variety of Plow Creek Bakery goods. We have lowered the price for blueberries: 2 pints for $11 or 6 pints for $30.

Thursday morning marks our first supply of red raspberries to Valley Flowers in Spring Valley. We will have a moderate supply of them (probably enough to last a couple hours), along with an ample supply of blueberries. Bok Choy, peas, salad greens, herbs and maybe even some garlic will also be on display. Which month is it? We farmers feel like it must be at least midsummer.

Good news for Princeton Market shoppers Tuesday morning! Portions of our strawberry field are still harboring tasty Jewels, and we expect a good supply of strawberries for the Tuesday Farmer’s Market. They will accompany the blueberries, peas, herbs and salad greens for a colorful display from 8:30 to 2:00 at Darius Miller Park by the train station.

Thursday morning at Valley Flowers, the strawberries and blueberries join forces for a memorable mix of color, flavor and natural goodness. We have a good supply of our fresh-picked early blueberries at $5/pint and a moderate supply of Jewel strawberries at $4.25/quart. Both have home-grown flavor that’s hard to find. Sorry, no quantity discounts at this time. This is likely our last significant supply of strawberries to Spring Valley. Edible pod snap peas, snow peas, herbs and various salad greens will also be available.

Look for Plow Creek blueberries, red raspberries, green beans, peas, sweet onions, carrots, beets, herbs and even cookbooks in Princeton, Peoria and Ottawa Saturday morning. The Princeton Farmers’ Market runs from 8:30-2PM, the Peoria Riverfront Market from 8:00-Noon, and the Ottawa market from 7:00 to Noon. Raspberry supplies are very limited. We won’t be in Sterling, but our blueberries will be, thanks to friends at the Twin City Market.

The blueberries make another appearance at Valley Flowers in Spring Valley Monday morning beginning around 8:30. Other produce will include sweet onions, lettuce, kale, radishes, shell peas, beets, turnips, rutabaga and a small supply of red raspberries.

Look for Plow Creek blueberries, peas, onions and other veggies at Valley Flowers in Spring Valley Thursday morning 8:30-12:30 and at the Stark County Farmers’ market in Wyoming Thursday evening 4PM-7PM. There may be a final small supply of strawberries at Spring Valley as well

Princeton Farmers Market on Saturday with almost our last strawberries and lots of blueberries. We will also have peas, salad greens, herb, bok choy, and Plow Creek Bakery items. Market is open 8:30 to 2:00. There is another activity going on in Darius Miller Park today, and the North side of the park will be closed to traffic. We will be on the South side of the park this time. You may have trouble finding parking after 10:00, so it would be wise to come early.

We will be at Princeton Farmers’ Market and Twin City Market in Sterling this Saturday, June 24. We will have strawberries, blueberries, snow peas, spinach, and Plow Creek Bakery products. Princeton Market is open from 8:30am till 2pm (or till the produce sells out); the Twin City Market is open from 8:00am till noon.

We will be at Valley Flowers in Spring Valley Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30 with blueberries, strawberries, spinach, peas, and salad greens. This is likely the strawberries’ last appearance here.

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