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Sunday Meditations

Commitment to Entering with Trust and Openness into Church Decision Making
Adult teaching discussion led by Neil Horning

March 25, 2007

What Does it Take to Cultivate Trust and Openness?

A Lesson from Acts

(This is from a series of teachings on Plow Creek Church's membership commitments.)

We gathered into four small groups and each looked at one passage.  This is a summary of what was reported from each discussion.
Acts 2:41-47
Acts 6.1-7
Acts 13.1-2
Acts 15.22-28
Accepted the message of repentance and salvation
worshiping and praying
sent by the church
Together daily
Powerless were given power
fasting together
the whole church
 Eating together
Didn't ignore problem
Holy Spirit spoke
trusted leaders
Devoted themselves to the Apostle's teaching
Decision not rushed
They listened and agreed it was H.S.
openness by leaders
Sharing indicates commitment
Spirit filled was a criterion
Confirmed by more fasting and prayer
giving trust
Commonly witnessing miracles (the work of God)
United leadership
Prophets and teachers included in church
much discussion
Glad and humble hearts
Deliberate gathering the people
Don't hesitate to do God's work.
Seemed good to the Holy Spirit
Went to the temple daily
Proposal pleased the whole group

Emissaries were well received.
Had a lot in common
Blessing of the leaders

Holy Spirit
The word of God

Importance of strong leaders
Knowing everyone's gifts and role in the church

What can we apply at Plow  Creek?
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit
  • More time together
  • Fasting and prayer
  • worship
  • Whole body being involved
  • importance of leadership